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About Unusual Horror

Thanks for taking an interest in my clothing brand!

My name is Jack and I've been working with social media for quite a while now, started back in 2012 and horror was always my niche, purely because of how much I love it anyway.

From that time I'd always wanted to start a clothing line, to put some insanely cool designs out and help to keep brutality in the Horror community!

I spend a large amount of my time listening to Metal music, primarily Metalcore, Deathcore, Death Metal & Slam Metal and this was such a huge influence of the merchandise for Unusual Horror, blending 2 of my massive obsessions into 1!

I started Unusual Horror's merch store in around July 2020 and it's been such an enjoyable time since, I was so excited when the first design sold out and the feedback I've been getting back since is honestly unbelievable, whether you've bought 1 tshirt or every piece I've ever released, you have no idea how much I appreciate your support, it really does enable me to live a literal dream of mine.

As it's literally just me running everything out of my home, shipping prices will be a lot more than 90% of other brands (I charge slightly less than what Royal Mail charges me on the site) - But as the brand grows and I'm able to start sending bulk parcels consistently then I will obviously be lowering the shipping rates to accommodate for bulk discounts I'd be eligible for.

Thanks for reading my bio on the Unusual Horror Store!

Check the store out on Facebook or Instagram: @UnusualHorrorStore


Unusual Horror group photo